The Jaunay family

Louis Brunet Jaunay 1868
Frank Cunningham Jaunay 1889
Robert John Cunningham Jaunay 1915
Frank James Cunningham Jaunay 1942

These are the stories of my own Jaunay ancestors.
Jean Baptiste Jaunay married Marie Louis Brunet nee Viard
François Marie Jaunay married Ann Howell
Louis Brunet Jaunay married Anne Hay nee Gilmour
Frank Cunningham Jaunay married Mary Ellen Cawley
Robert John Cunningham Jaunay married Dorothy Evelyn May Beasley
Frank James Cunningham Jaunay married: 1. Norma Gwendoline Johnson; 2. Yvonne Lydia Tunbridge nee Menz;
      3. Margaret Stirling Clarkson formerly Mitchell nee Wotton
You can also read about other individuals in the family:
Who was Francis? Francis Fleetwood Jaunay b. 1815.
Julius Gilmour Jaunay in Australia from 1879.
Walter Henderson who married Gertrude Jaunay in 1913.

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